The Geoblogosphere – รวม Geoblog สำหรับชาวธรณี


The following list of 102 geoblogs is certainly not complete. If you find a new blog or possible mistakes in the list, please post a comment.


(Palaeo-) Climatology

  • James’ Empty Blog by James Annan – Blog about climate research, prediction and policy
  • Real Climate – Blog about climate science from climate scientists

Geo-Hazards / Geoengineering

Geo-Information (GIS etc.)

  • The Geo Factor by Ron Exler – Blog about GIS, GPS etc.
  • Geologic Froth – blog about geoscientific data-processing with focus on GPS and GIS
  • MiGeo – Blog from Peru about web-based geoscientific applications (in Spanish)


  • Arctic and Alpine by Dawn and Dave Nicholson – news, discussions and links about geomorphology in cold climates


Hydrogeology / Hydrology


Petrology/Mineralogy/Economic Geology

  • Antimonite – palaeontological and archaeological articles
  • GeoCosas from Chile – Blog with focus on metallogeny and tectonics (in Spanish)
  • Looking for Detachement by Silver Fox – articles about field work and exploration
  • Mineraland Chile – Blog about Chilean minerals with many photographs (in Spanish)
  • Rocks & Minerals – a kind of encyclopedia about rocks and minerals

Quarternary Geology

Regional and Local Geology

  • Arizona Geology by Allison – diverse geo-topics about Arizona and neighbouring states
  • Oakland Geology by Andrew Alden – geological outcrops in Oakland
  • proreg news by Michael Hahl – articles about the geology of the German Odenwald (in German)


Structural Geology/Tectonics


  • ECRIS & CEVP – comprehensive articles about the European Cenozoic Rift System (ECRIS) and the Central European Volcanic Provence (CEVP) (in German)
  • Eruptions by Dr. Erik W. Klemetti – Blog about active volcanos worldwide
  • Magma Cum Laude – blog about volcanos and their molten and solidified products
  • Volcano Summer – Blog about a research stay of a geology student at Mauna Loa (Hawaii)
  • The Volcanism Blog by Dr. Ralph Harrington – Blog about worldwide volcanos, especially Chaitén, Llaima, Kilauea and Tungurahua